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Louisburgh National School in Dúchas 1938-1939

Louisburgh National School, like many schools in Ireland, took part in the collection and collation of stories, poems, fairytales, old cures and much more from 1938 to 1940. This was achieved by asking pupils to interview their parents and grandparents as well as their neighbours to find out about their beliefs and their local history stories and record these in their own handwriting to be submitted to the Folklore  Commission. These writings can now be accessed at and we have below the entries for louisburghns. as submitted by the teacher at the time, Thomas J. Morahan.

Entries for Louisburgh NS (with direct links to the full story)

1. Na Fianna i gCill Ghaobhair

2. Kilgeever - Village, Parish, Church, Derivation

3. Louisburgh

4, Louisburgh in County Mayo

5. An Chúileann

6. An Chúileann - Seo an Scéal atá faoi Bhun an Amhráin

7. Caoineadh Sheáin Mhic Chonnamara i ndiaidh A Mhic

8. St Patrick's Miracle in Kilgeever

9. Tallabane Monastery - St Colman's

10. A Local Cist

11, Ainmneacha Áite sa bParóiste

12. Maxwell's Leap

13. Loch Ghéis (Céas)

14. Na Sióga i gCluain Cearbán

15. Na Sióga i gCluain Cearbán (continued)

16. Ceann de na Scéalta Is Dochreidte faoi na Sióga

17. Scéal

18. Míorúilt a Tharla ag an dTobar Naofa i gCill Gaobhair

19. Taibhse i bParóiste Chill Gaobhair

20. Déantúisí an Pharóiste (Cill Gaobhair)

21. Crith Talún i gCluain Cearbán

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